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Redesign Your Restaurant To Increase Profits

The design of your restaurant plays an integral role in your ability to maintain loyal customers as well as the length of time your guests spend in your establishment.  A well-designed restaurant should be inviting, clean, comfortable and easy to navigate for both guests and employees.  Every area in your restaurant should be made efficient in order to maximize profits.  Here we break down some key areas to address when redesigning your restaurant.


If your chairs and tables are starting to show some wear and tear, it may be time to refinish, reupholster or replace them.  The quality of your furniture and the arrangement of your dining room sets the stage for your guest’s experience.  Everything should be uniform and in good condition.  If this is not the case for your restaurant, it’s time for an upgrade.

Bar Area

Your bar can be one of the most profitable aspects of your company if designed and managed properly.  Renovating your bar to be more efficient and comfortable can be a financial boon for an independent restaurant.  Alcoholic beverages tend to have a much higher profit margin than food menu items.  Small changes like adding barstools that have a back and refinishing your bar top can make a significant impact on the comfort level of your guests and how your establishment is viewed by the public.


Televisions, speakers, lighting, Wi-Fi accessibility and even your point of sale system are all areas to consider revamping when redesigning your restaurant.  Sporting events and live music are two of the best ways to draw in customers.  Upgrading your technology will ensure your game day or event night experience leaves your customers wanting more. 


Many guests will judge the cleanliness of your restaurant and the sanitary conditions of your kitchen by your bathroom facilities.  There is no bigger turn off for a restaurant guest than a dirty or dilapidated bathroom.  Replacing tile, toilets, sinks, cabinets and faucets should be done periodically to keep your facilities in pristine condition. 


The theme and atmosphere of your establishment should be made apparent by your décor.  Live plants and art can make your restaurant more comfortable and inviting.  Damaged flooring, walls or ceiling panels should be replaced.  It’s also a good idea to paint your dining room every few years to keep it looking clean.

Exterior Design

The exterior of your building gives your guests their first impression and can contribute greatly to the amount of foot traffic you are able to draw in.  A fresh coat of paint, power washing and a new sign can do wonders for the appearance of your restaurant.  Cleanliness is very important to restaurant guests and your exterior should be kept up just as much as your interior space.


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