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Is a Business Cash Advance different from a Merchant Cash Advance?

In the world of small business finance, the term “Business Cash Advance” has been growing in popularity. But...“what is the difference between a business cash advance and a merchant cash advance​?”. Let's explain the similarities and differences of these products so we can get a better picture of these financial products. The Similarities Both merchant cash advance and business cash advance, allow a business to receive funding in exchange for its future sales. This is what separates an advance from a traditional loan, and allows for faster funding with less paperwork. Both products are typically unsecured, meaning collateral is not necessary, and do not require great credit. The primary benefit of an advance is the ability to receive the fastest injection of working capital to your business with substantially less paperwork and hassle! The Differences

When your company repays a Merchant Cash Advance , you will be using a percentage of your company’s credit card sales on a set payment schedule (i.e. daily, weekly, monthly) You may have to change the merchant processing company you are working with in order to meet the requirements of the advance.

A Business Cash Advance does not use your credit card sales as the method of repayment by using a percentage of your sales debited directly from your business bank account. The payments will be pulled on a set schedule, as with the merchant cash advance, but does not require you to alter your current arrangement with your merchant processing company. Which One Is Right For Your Company? While business cash advance and merchant cash advance share many similarities, the key differences create two unique products that serve specific purposes. At Accelerated we understand the importance of selecting the right financial product for your growing business. It is our mission and duty to serve our customers with information and transparency, and to keep your business healthy.

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