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Are you ‘Scared of Success? 5 Mindset Hurdles all Entrepreneurs MUST clear

Everyone in business experiences fear. Fear keeps people in jobs they hate; and it keeps them from following their dreams and opening their own businesses. Moreover, when you’re the one in charge, there’s a lot at stake, and you can feel that it’s all on your shoulders. It’s enough to make you run the other way.

But entrepreneurs can’t afford to be paralyzed by fear!

Successful entrepreneurs know how to move past their fear and change their mindset. Here are five fears all entrepreneurs must conquer:

1. Fear of failure

No one wants to fail. But in business, there will definitely be times that you do -- and you have to be OK with that. All entrepreneurs experience failure, but they also learn from it and find meaning in it. Still, what if? We often build up negative scenarios in our heads of the worst possible outcomes. These keep you on the sidelines, afraid to jump in the game. Yet you can’t worry about what might happen. You have to focus on your possible success instead.

2. Fear of a lack of focus

When you’re running your own business, there’s no one to hold you accountable but yourself. You may even have others dependent on you to keep them on track. Being an entrepreneur requires a laser focus on your goals and on each task at hand. Entrepreneurs must be disciplined if they want to be successful. That means having a plan and organizing your time wisely.To be successful, you can’t let one minute go to waste. You must schedule and plan to ensure work gets done in a timely manner. But you also need to make time for your personal life and cultivate a healthy work-life balance.

3. Fear of risk

When you start your own business, there is always some degree of risk. You’re probably staking all of your savings on your idea and investing all of your time. But success doesn’t come without risk. And the best entrepreneurs don’t let those risks scare them off from taking a chance. Instead, they focus on the positive -- the possible results they might see. If you’re struggling to take a leap of faith, find a way to make yourself more comfortable with the situation. Do your research, crunch the numbers and get the facts you need to make your decision easier.

4. Fear of financial instability

As an entrepreneur, you’re no longer reliant on a steady paycheck and a full-time job. You may have even invested some of your savings into your business. Plus, you’re now in complete charge of your business’s finances. That pressure can make anyone uneasy. But, if you’re staying in a dead-end job because you’re scared of falling into insolvency, you’re not going to move beyond mediocrity. By taking a chance on a potentially financially unstable situation, you make room for huge growth and great success.

If money is your main concern, you’ll never find success. You need to focus on your work, not on how much money your business will earn --

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