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How to keep your Business HEALTHY

You're doing the best you can to keep your personal health at its peak. How about your business? Is it healthy too? What is a healthy business anyway? A healthy business is one that's consistently able to achieve its goals, a majority of the time. This includes fulfilling the expectations of employees, owners, customers and all parties that are impacted by the business. A tall order you say? Sure, but like a healthy person, a healthy business has many moving parts working in harmony. It's a goal worth striving for.

The biggest, most ambitious goals are best approached from the most fundamental place- the beginning. When it comes to business the beginning is infrastructure.

Here are points to consider and a few relevant considerations for each. 

Create a Safe Environment- you want to get the most you can out of your business so make it a place where your most valued resource (your people) feel safe to grow, participate and to contribute to the success of the business. 

Engage all of you employees place value on effective communication; encourage it, manifest it, expect it

Be Adventurous- encourage everyone to think beyond the status quo; who cares that you always did it this way. Creativity inspires possibility, but it will only happen if you let it.

Explore new possibilities engage all ideas from all parties become risk neutral, neither risk averse or a show-boater; don't be afraid to stand at the end of the diving board.

Be Inquisitive- questions, questions, questions; they're good for you, very good. Without good questions how can you expect to uncover the right answers?

if you don't get it, ASK! if it doesn't work, EXPLORE! if it feels wrong, INVESTIGATE!

There  you go, it's a great place to start. Keeping your business healthy is an investment that will never stop paying dividends. 

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